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Antitrust between EU Law and National Law

The Conference "Antitrust between EU law and national law", now in its fifteenth edition, was launched back in 1992, following the entry into force of the Italian antitrust legislation.
Since then, the Conference took place every two years in the prestigious venue of the Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso - owned by Fondazione Cassamarca, which has always granted its sponsorship and support - except for the 2020 edition, held online due to the pandemic crisis.
The topical issues tackled and the high-qualified speakers have made the Conference a point of reference for the antitrust community, being recognised as the most important international conference on antitrust in Italy.
With an average of 250 participants per year, coming from Europe and beyond, the ‘Treviso Antitrust Conference’ covers extremely topical and current issues, lying at the heart of the current antitrust debate.

Speakers and participants include high-ranking experts, judges, leading attorneys from European and extra European law firms, in-house lawyers, academics, experienced professionals, public officials, as well as Presidents and members of the European Commission and National Antitrust Authorities.
There is a bridge between Treviso Antitrust Conference and the New York Fordham Conference” said Mario Monti, at the time European Commissioner in charge of competition, during one of the past editions of the Treviso Antitrust Conference, thus showing the effective possibility to establish, through the Conference, a dialogue that goes beyond borders.
Internationally renowned, the event is supported inter alia by the European Lawyers Union (UAE), the Associazione Italiana per la Tutela della Concorrenza – member of the Ligue internationale du droit de la concurrence (LIDC), the Associazione Italiana dei Giuristi d’Impresa (AIGI), the European Company Lawyers Association (AEJE-ECLA), the Associazione Antitrust Italiana (AAI) and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Università degli Studi of Milan, as well as by several sponsors.
The XV edition of the Treviso Antitrust Conference will take place on 16-17 June 2022.

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