Conference Session in Treviso


Photo of Antonino Savo Amodio

Antonino Savo Amodio

President Regional Administrative Court of Latium

- Born in Amalfi on 22 July 1954.
- Graduated in Law from Federico II University, Naples, on 2 December 1976.
- Post-graduate specialization diploma in Administrative Law from La Sapienza - University of Rome.
- Post-graduate diploma from the Institute of European studies "A. De Gasperi".
- Public Officer, management career, at the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, from 1979 to 1985.
- Administrative Judge since 1 January 1985; Chamber President from 2009.
- Court President of the Administrative Regional Tribunal for Lazio since 16 September 2019.
- Author of several scientific publications and academic articles on Administrative Law.

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