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Antitrust between EU Law and National Law

The Conference "Antitrust between EU law and national law", now in its fourteenth edition, has been held since 1992, every two years, at Fondazione Cassamarca in Treviso and is supported by UAE (Union des Avocats Européens), LIDC (Ligue Internationale Droit de la Concurrence), AIGI (Associazione Italiana dei Giuristi di Impresa), ECLA (European Company Lawyers Association), AAI (Associazione Antitrust Italiana) and Centro di Eccellenza Jean Monnet of the University of Milan.

The topical issues and the high qualified speakers made the conference, from the first edition, one of the most significant opportunity for interaction between the main representatives of the Antitrust World, both at national and international level. Indeed, the conference has always had among its participants members of Antitrust Authorities as well as notable professionals and academics representatives involved in the antitrust enforcement.

Past Conferences

Poster of XV Antitrust Conference

XV Antitrust Conference

Treviso, June 16-17 2022

Poster of XIV Antitrust Conference

XIV Antitrust Conference

Treviso, October 29 2020

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XIII Antitrust Conference

Treviso, May 24-25 2018

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XII Antitrust Conference

Treviso, May 19-20 2016

Casa dei Carraresi

Via Palestro, 33/35
31100 Treviso

XIV Treviso Antitrust Conference
“Antitrust between EU Law and National Law”